Portfolio Management Services

Civil Capital Market’s Portfolio Management Service offers a wide range of professionally managed investment solutions designed to meet the different investment needs of investors.

In Nepal’s ever changing economic and financial scenario, many opportunities are available, so in order to move with the changes and grab the best opportunities in the field of investments, a professional Portfolio Manager is necessary. Portfolio Management Services (PMS) at Civil Capital Markets provides investors with expertise to take advantage of such opportunities.

When you invest in our Portfolio Management Service, we create a personalized portfolio for you. You have the freedom and flexibility to tailor your portfolio to address personal preferences and financial goals. Although our Portfolio Managers may oversee hundreds of portfolios, each account will be unique and given the utmost amount of attention. The Portfolio Management Service at Civil Capital Market provides well-diversified portfolios with exposure to different equity sectors and fixed-instruments. For the most relevant optimization of the portfolios, the Portfolio Manager considers the macro-economic outlook of both domestic and relevant international economies, relevant regulatory policies and directives, and any relevant statutory and systemic changes or events. Portfolio Managers at Civil Capital Market try to ensure maximum return by investments with minimum risk of loss of return on the money invested in securities held by them for their clients.

Investment Management Solution in PMS is provided in the following ways

Discretionary Service

The Portfolio Manager has full and absolute discretion to manage the Assets of Account of the Clients. The portfolio manager analyzes the client’s income, cumulative wealth, age, marital status, immediate and long-term goals and retirement objective, among others to determine the optimal asset allocation for the client.

Non-Discretionary Service

The Portfolio Manager manages the Assets of Account of the Clients at the discretion of the Clients. The choice as well as the timings of the investment decisions rest solely with the Investor. However the execution of trade is done by the portfolio manager.

Advisory Service

Under these services, the portfolio manager only suggests the investment ideas. The choice as well as the execution of the investment decisions rest solely with the Investor and the execution of trade is done by the client themselves.

Administrative Service

Under these services, the portfolio manager handles aspects such as dividend collection (Bonus shares and cash), rights share application, IPO and FPO Application, filling auctions for Rights shares, dematerializing shares etc.

Civil Capital PMS Products

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Mobile Number : +977-9801068656


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