Century Commercial Bank Right Share|| 2073/05/05 TILL 2073/06/09 ||

Prospectus of Century Commercial Bank limited assets/upload/files/Prospectus for right ccbl From Civil.pdf 

Cosmos Right share Prospectus 11/04/2073 Till 13/05/2073

Mithila Ordinary Right Share|| 2073/04/19 TILL 2073/05/21 ||

Welcome to Civil Capital

Civil Capital Market Limited (CCML) is a public limited company established under Company Act, 2063 and works a Merchant Banker licensed by Securities Board of Nepal in 2009 and it has started its operation from 12th May 2009 .

Civil Groups, renowned Engineers, Professionals and Bankers are the promoter shareholders with the stake of 70% (out of NPR 150,000,000.00) issued capital and company will raise additional NPR 45,000,000.00 through allotment of the share to general public.

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